Having been brought up in an Eastern culture where meditation takes place on a daily basis, it’s so intrinsically a part of me and my daily life. Having learnt a few simple things paired with some design principles, I’m sharing my 3 top tips for creating a meditation space and hope it will help you […]

Mar 2, 2020

3 Top Tips for Creating a Meditation Space


If you’re wondering what is exactly is “home happiness” it’s about how content you feel in your home. Why is home happiness important? Because research from The Happiness Research Institute reported: “if you are happy with your home then you’re far more likely to be happy in life”. Space and environment can impact the way […]

Feb 12, 2020

How to create home happiness


The new year is a great time to book plan the year ahead, book holidays and planning interior projects. If you’re about to start planning your project then please carry on reading…This blog post is all about how to plan your renovation project. I’ve also added a few tips on how to fund your project […]

Jan 14, 2020

How to plan your renovation project