The humble bathroom it’s the one place where we can grab a moment to ourselves even if its only 5 minutes. It’s also the first place and last place you visit, but if you’re

Jan 17, 2021

How to design a bathroom


Need to buy some last minute gifts? Check out this guide there’s something for everyone and for all budgets.

Dec 9, 2020

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2020


I am often asked how to get colour confidence so I thought I would share a few tips below and get you feeling colour confident in no time! Colour has different meanings for all of us, history, marketing and nature have shaped the way we perceive colour. Did you know that the gender-specific colours pink […]

Aug 13, 2020

How To Get Colour Confident


This blog post is all about 10 kitchen pendant lights. If you are about to design your kitchen and have island chances are you’ll want pendant lights over the island. So I’ve rounded up my favourite 10 kitchen island lights currently available on the market. There’s something for every colour scheme, finish and I’ve provided […]

May 20, 2020

10 Kitchen Pendant Lights


In this blog post, I’m going to talk about restoring a Victorian house. Maintaining the integrity of the property increases value in the property and adds much sought-after character. Restoring and enhancing these features is one of my favourite things to do on projects. I often try to find pieces sympathetic to the property in […]

May 13, 2020

Restoring a Victorian House


  This blog post is about 20 things to do at home during the lockdown. COVID-19 has hit us all hard and for a lot of us especially in the UK staying at home is our only option right now. Let’s face it there’s only so much Netflix binging you can do! I’m sharing 20 […]

Mar 27, 2020

20 Things to do at home during lockdown