March 27, 2020

20 Things to do at home during lockdown


This blog post is about 20 things to do at home during the lockdown. COVID-19 has hit us all hard and for a lot of us especially in the UK staying at home is our only option right now. Let’s face it there’s only so much Netflix binging you can do! I’m sharing 20 things to do at home during lockdown to lift your spirits, help boost morale and may even be the distraction you need! I feel like being proactive and positive go hand in hand. The more proactive you are the more positive you will feel and less stagnant so to speak.

1.Declutter, de-stress. Decluttering is not only great for your home but also your mental health. Taking your mind off things and focus your energy elsewhere in the home. It feels so good clearing out your wardrobe, kitchen units, the garage, anything goes! It might be as simple as clearing your sock drawer out!

2. Use old paint. Still have leftover paint from previous jobs? Why not use them to paint small areas of your home such as the bathroom, downstairs cloakroom or utility room.

20 Things to do at home during lockdown

3. Paint the whole room. If you’re up for it you can still buy plenty of paint from the below paint companies.

Farrow & Ball

Little Greene

Paint & Paper Library


4. Get crafty. For those of you with young children at home and trying to keep your sh*t together! Keep your children occupied with crafting books and Waterstones are delivering faster than Amazon at the moment!

5. Re-arrange furniture. Refresh your home by mixing things up and moving things around to add some interest and fun. Find a focal point in your room, it could be a fireplace or a feature wall and place your furniture so that it is centred around the focal point.

6. Flower arrange your garden flowers. Catch some tutorials on Youtube or why not sign up to an online course. Luckily this time of the year the garden is going through lots of growth so you can have a play with.

7. Start an online course. Learn a new skill online and at the comfort of your own home. Skill Share offers free classes and 7 days of unlimited access.

8. Jet wash the patio. It’s about to get warmer in the UK and soon enough you’ll be spending more time in the garden. Bring out the garden furniture earlier than expected and hey why not work from the garden!

9. Style up your shelfie. A bit like rearranging your furniture but with less muscle! Changing up your shelfie and moving things around is a great mood booster and stops you from feeling stagnant.

10. Hang those pictures you never got round to. We all have those odd jobs we have been putting off now is a great time to finish them off. Pictures, after all, make a house a home.

11. Label your spice jars. It’s the small things that matter and if you’ve been confusing your Allspice with Garam Masala its time to get the labels out or order some via Etsy.

12. Mood board your next project. Feeling the itch to get started on your next project, get creative by creating a mood board. It doesn’t have to be fancy, you could collect images on Pinterest or use cut-outs from magazines and paint swatches to bring your mood board to come to life.

13. Enjoy time in the garden. No doubt this virus is a huge pain but one positive is that it has given us more time to slow down. Now that spring is here you can spend more time in the garden, perhaps work from the garden, read, meditate and exercise. Do things you would normally do inside in the garden.

14. Spruce up your garden. Speaking of the garden, last time I checked garden centres were open and heaving! It’s a really good time to work in your garden and prepare summer plants such as dahlia’s, roses, bedding and fruit and veg.

15. Burn those candles. If like me, you have more candles than shoes! I seem to collect them and forget to burn them! Now that it’s time to take a slow approach I find burning candles help me relax and the scent creates an uplifting positive feeling.

16. Yoga in the garden. Mornings are still a little bit fresh at the moment however I found afternoons great for doing yoga outside in the fresh air. It also gives you somewhere else to go to so that you’re not feeling cabin fever.

17. Clear out unwanted stuff ready for the dump or charity shop. When was the last time each room had a proper clean? What areas in your home do you know that needs a proper deep clean? The loft, garage maybe your living room? Clearing out rooms is great for creating more space and feels like you’ve accomplished something good.

18. Give some TLC to your indoor plants. I confess I am a plant killer and rarely do I tend to the indoor plants and actually give them some love. When I say love I mean beyond just watering them!

A  lovely  therapeutic exercise is to remove dead leaves, add more soil to the top, repot the plant, buy some new funky pots, give them a good soaking in the bathtub if they are looking a bit dry.

19. Bake a cake. Baking is probably the most fun activity right now (subject to sourcing the ingredients!). It’s also a super fun activity for the kids to get involved in and keep them occupied for a bit! Personally love baking and wish I could do more of it and well now the universe has given me the time!

20. Make plans for the future. Last but not least, 20 things to do at home during lockdown involve looking to the future and being positive. Remember that this will pass and that normality will return.

Whilst you are coupled up now is a good time to make plans for the future and research it, find out everything there is to know about it, really get into the details and feel like it is possible.

Perhaps you always wanted to go to Bali or buy a new house. Making plans for the future does wonder for your mood and gives you goals to focus on.

I hope you enjoyed this post on 20 things to do at home during lockdown and it has given you some fun ideas to do in your home. Don’t forget to check out the previous post on How to create a meditation space here.

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