August 12, 2022

Kitchen trends and what clients want

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and wanted to start off with a post about kitchen trends and what clients want in their new kitchens. This blog post is in collaboration with The White Kitchen Company.

Open shelves

One thing that I’ve noticed is open shelves rather than wall units. It instantly opens up the space and allows you to style up the space, whether it’s showing off your favourite crockery or recipe books. It allows you to be playful in the kitchen rather than a regimented space and make it more homely by using artwork and pretty styling pieces. As seen here on one of The White Kitchen company’s website. If this space had wall units it would feel smaller and less airy.

The White Kitchen Company

Bespoke storage solutions

My clients want their new kitchen to be not only beautiful but practical and this is where bespoke storage solutions come in handy. Whilst this is an investment its one thing not to be overlooked. Having grains, and spices neatly ordered and tucked away is so much nice than having to rummage around. The good thing about having a bespoke solution is that you can design your own space to suit your needs and how you want to live in the space. The White Kitchen company do this well, as you can see their joinery is immaculate and even features built in lighting.

The White Kitchen Company

Bolder choices in colour

We are seeing fewer glossy white units, in fact none of my clients have ever asked for them! Clients are being more intentional about how the units look and opting for more bolder choices and styles that have character. Kitchen companies like The White Company Kitchen offer an array of colour from charcoal, green, blue and more. Adding colour to your kitchen can make a statement as well as adding character.   

The White Kitchen Company

Open and airy feel

Almost all of my clients have asked for an open and airy feel and want to create more space. It’s not surprising given that in the UK the natural daylight is quite dull for most of the year. So what are we doing in the kitchen to create this open and airy feel – queue sky lights, statement lighting, and removing the overhead extractor fan!

If you prefer a hob over the island then you can get a hob with a built in extractor fan as seen here on The White Kitchen Company.

The White Kitchen Company

Make kitchens less kitchen-y and more homely,

Kitchens tend to have a lot of harsh lines and can feel quite clinical this where the use of fabric can soften the room. Using café style curtains for windows or under sink skirt in the pantry can add a sense of lightness that units and countertops can’t.

Devol Kitchens

Hope that’s been helpful for you, if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen. It’s the biggest investment in your home and creating the right look and feel is absolutely worth it! If you would like help designing your kitchen feel free to get in touch here.

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