I'll also manage the tender process and tradesmen removing the stress of staying on budget.

During construction phase I'll take care of project managing the interiors and placing all the orders. 

If you’re starting your renovation project I’d love to hear from you. Simply provide a few details below to set up a free call.

We start the process at the beginning of the project, the design stage where we work on the designs, layouts and finishes.

I’ll be creating a design that speaks to you and presenting you with tactile materials that you can see and touch before any orders are placed.

This is your opportunity to create the home of your dreams, to create space for you and your family. Add practical elements and modernise.

I’ll be your interior designer and project manager. Through my expertise and knowledge, you’ll receive a completely bespoke design especially for you and
fully executed.

Due to the large amount of work involved in renovation projects, please do book 3-6 months in advance of construction work/engaging with builders.
Thank you


New renovators
Large scale projects 
Renovating kitchen and bathrooms
Project requires: technical drawings
Hands on service & 
Project management

Renovating your home is a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform your home into a space that is designed for you, works on a practical level and feels homely and contemporary. 

REnovation build & interior design


An aftercare service is also included to provide you with support and guidance.

I have also recently introduced a fun shopping day where we can explore local antique shops together. Great for adding character in your home and if you are unfamiliar with buying antique items.

To find out more please get in touch and I would love to hear from you!

You'll receive a full shopping list with direct links so you can have access to the items straight away. Project management is minimal saving you money.

This package is customisable so you can choose what level of service you need. You can add technical elements like 3D design, lighting, electrical plans and elevations, if your project needs it.

Renovating together whilst working and looking after your family, is very challenging! Something you have probably already experienced and recognise the time and effort when pulling a scheme together and dealing with trades.

When we work together I’ll be giving you back time, energy and importantly giving you an interior design scheme that will equip you with everything you need to finish your home. 


Experienced renovators
Small scale projects (1-3 rooms)
Minimal project management 
Includes kitchens and bathrooms

If you are an experienced renovator and want a professional interior design eye to finish your home to a high standard. 

hybrid renovation interior design


You’ll be pleased to know that you will also receive an aftercare service (14 days) to answer any questions and can have up to
two revisions.

To find out more please get in touch, I love working on eDesigns and look forward to hearing from you!

Starting with a Concept Board which encapsulates the overall direction of the vision so you'll have an idea of what to expect before I start designing. 

I’m known for creating show-stopping colourful designs and that’s what you’ll receive; colour, clean lines and a modern vibe.

You'll have a cohesive design that will equip you with everything you need to finish your home. You'll have a shopping list with direct links so you can get to work on your designs straight away.

I’ll show you what to place and where on a floor plan before you spend a penny! I take time to get to know you so that your likes and wants are reflected in the design.


Lack colour confidence and want to embrace it!
Want support and guidance from a professional
Unsure of how to pull a scheme together
Help with the existing layout
Run the project yourself

If you’ve bought a new build or currently living in your home and you need a change whether its colours, layout or want to optimise the space better. eDesign will give you a design you can run with yourself.


Bookings are open for limited period only. 
Please enquire for more details

A. Kholwadia

"Rukmini is a dream to work with. She is totally intuitive and takes time to understand you and your home.

She has a flair for creating beautiful spaces and I can't wait to get on with the rest of the house."

calum macrae

"As a property investor I saw huge value in using Rukmini.

She allows me to focus on other things/investments while ensuring that when the works are complete and
my builder applies what she suggests.

My long term returns are fantastic because I use services and professionals such as Rukmini"

freya lipkin

"Rukmini was professional and prompt at responding. She really listened to our needs for the room and made sure to incorporate this into her design.

I felt that I could really trust her to come up with a design that accurately represents who I am - she did not disappoint!"

K. p.

"I really feel she understood our needs and has reflected our personalities in the designs she provided.

She has helped us inject some colour and optimise the light in our space and has saved us hours of time that we would otherwise have spent debating colour schemes and decor."

t. shah

"We’ve got young children and my husband was adamant that we needed wipeable sofas!! Rukmini was helpful and gave me advice with what to look for and tips about what to think about. She’s honestly great at what she does.

If you’re not sure whether to take the plunge and use an interior designer for your project, just do it, you won’t regret it! I’m sure we’ll be contacting her again in
the future!"

kind words from
past clients

I can provide you with some trade discounts where applicable.


Thanks for asking, no I don’t provide refunds. I hope you’ll understand that as a small business, the time spent working on your project whether its designing of project management involves my time, skills and expertise. 


I'm more than happy to provide you with an information pack on the investment fee and
what it's like to work with me. Simply click on Book a Call button above.


This depends on a number of factors, such as, the size of your project, builder availability, planning permission process if required, suppliers lead time etc.

Large projects can take anything from 9-12 months or more. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and start working on your designs before construction begins.



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