It’s been five weeks since Design for Diversity has been launched and the design industry looks like a different place. In this blog post, we’ll be giving you an update on what has happened since the Pledge was launched. We’ve received over 120 sign-ups along with large brands who have taken the pledge such as […]

Jul 22, 2020

Design for Diversity Update


Following the events of the Black Lives Matter movement, there were a lot of voices some shocked, some outraged, but all in all, everyone wanted to see change. After the black squares were posted on Blackout Tuesday a lot of people asking “What now?” Nobody seemed to have a way forward. People wanted a change […]

Jun 18, 2020

Design for Diversity Initiative


With recent shocking events in America, words cannot even describe the grief felt across the world. The brutal killing of George Floyd and many other black people in America has sent deep shockwaves everywhere. When Instagram’s feed turned black on Blackout Tuesday, people were coming together for one cause and perhaps the first signs of […]

Jun 4, 2020

How to be Diverse in the Design Industry