October 22, 2019

London Design Week & Decorex – Design Report

I’m sharing the latest trends and design report from London Design Week and Decorex to get your creative juices flowing and give you some design inspiration! So keep reading!

I’m sharing the latest trends and design report from London Design Week and Decorex to get your creative juices flowing and give you some design inspiration! So keep reading!

London Design Week is spread out over different locations in London. I visited 100% Design which exhibits design and innovation. As well as London Design Fair which is an international trade event with brands all over the world showcasing their products.

I often notice a lot of craftsmanship during London Design Fair. Lastly, Decorex International which is every interior designer’s must-visit show packed with products, designers and room setups.

I am going to be combining all three shows to give you a quick low down of the designs and trends.


Curves were seen everywhere in all of the design fairs and amongst many different products. From lighting to furniture to rugs the curve trend is here to stay.

I had first noticed the curve trend back at Milan Design Week earlier this year and now seen it filtering down into mainstream brands. Such as Made.com who have created curved products like curved sofas, lozenger style mirrors and circular shaped accessories.

If you want to use the curve trend I would stick to accessories as these can be easily switched around.


The first thing I noticed at London Design Week and Decorex was the use of wood in most products like furniture and lighting.

There was a real sense of beauty in the wood products showing off the grain and beauty of the natural material.

There is an awakening of moving away from plastic and creating products from sustainable sources which brings me onto the next design topic…sustainability.

Buying products with natural wood is definitely going to last longer than plastic goods.

It is also a great way of bringing in warmth to a room. Especially useful if you have a new build home which lacks character.


There is a big emphasis from London Design Week and Decorex on being more conscious about what we use, what we buy and where we buy from. With a big emphasis on re-use and recycle. Brands such as Blue Patch showcased local businesses and crafts. Businesses who create sustainable products whilst remaining ethical and green.

Sustainability is a trend we can all get on board with. It’s also about being a conscious consumer and buying products that serve you in the best way possible, rather than buying into fast interiors.


This year Decorex really brought out the textural aspect, especially in rugs. Textural elements are definitely having a moment. There were no limits as to where the texture was placed, from Swarovski crystal-encrusted rug to texturised curtains.


Patterns were absolutely everywhere and seen more so on fabrics for soft furnishings. My lovely friend Ang Carter from Coco Home has launched one of their new collections at Decorex.

The new collection is full of pattern, colour and mythical creatures. Adding patterns is a really fun way of bringing in stories and interest into your home. A great conversation starter!


Last but not least this year at Decorex the lighting was totally off the scale! It was great to see so many different designs and styles being showcased. It really opened up the different possibilities in lighting design.

Lighting design is something I absolutely love to go town with my designs, often giving my clients unique pieces. Have you ever thought about changing up your lighting?

I hope you enjoyed reading the  London Design Week and Decorex design report. Let me know which trend did you like the most?! Would love to hear from you!

If you want to be in trend-savvy check out my blog post on the Interior Trends for 2020 here

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